The Social Street Project was born out of workshops and, despite our love of empowering social media, we think talking face-to-face is one of the things we do best.

We have recently run Social Media skills workshops across the Thames Valley area – focusing on everything from social media skills for complete beginners to more intermediate workshops, enabling participants to better promote their causes, organisations or small businesses online.

However, we’re not about getting people to sit through some stock PowerPoint slides, that’s really not our style.  Our participant empowering workshops are bespoke – tailored with content relevant to the area the participants come from and the aims of the organisation or funding stream that commissions them. We ask our participants what they want to gain from the workshops and we aim to deliver that for them. The resounding feedback we have received is that our social media workshops are “Excellent”.

The national community development charity ‘The Conservation Volunteers‘ say “Rachel Stevens has great knowledge of Social Media and she is an excellent tutor.”

Interested? Want to work with us? Please contact us –

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